investment accelerator

Lena Perepelova

Investment accelerator

Este programa te ofrecerá nuevos conocimientos, estrategia y apoyo para tomar su primera decisión de inversión. Después de asistir a este curso aprenderás mucho mas de finanzas y te sentirás más segura de ti misma. Comprenderás las abreviaturas del mercado de valores y descifrarás la jerga compleja. En cada sesión discutimos el progreso personal y aclaramos cualquier duda.

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Lena Perepelova

Lena is a passionate advocate of change in education. It is her strong belief that understanding finance, business and economics by the general public would diminish inequality and improve social equilibrium.

Lena currently manages two entrepreneurial initiatives : is a virtual business school for kids. empowers women by building their financial confidence through learning and a supportive community.

Lena started her career early. Her understanding of business comes from commercial roles in FMCG and renewable energy industries. Her financial skills and passion for business education are thanks to the MBA degree from IESE Business School, where she is an active member of the alumni community.

Having travelled across Europe, Asia and Latin America, Lena had opportunities to study and work with people from different cultures, social and professional backgrounds. She trusts that every personal encounter in life has a meaning. She measures her success in new experiences and learning opportunities.

Lena is 46, wife and mother. Born in Russia, she has spent her twenties in the Netherlands and still considers this country her home. After living 10 years in Spain, she grew to love this country, where she currently resides in Madrid.

  • Ask me to connect, if you are:
  • an entrepreneur and would like to ask my advice on how to launch or grow your business
  • looking for advise on financial education as an individual or as an institution
  • an advocate of financial education and would like to share experiences and learn / help each other
  • a fellow MBA alumni or an MBA candidate
  • women or youth empowerment initiative looking for support
  • …just willing to share your story and hear mine

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Fechas, horarios y contenido

  • Horario y: Miercoles a las 20 horas cada dos semanas empezando 16 de Marzo.
  • Fechas:
    • 16 Marzo
    • 30 Marzo
    • 27 Abril
    • 11 Mayo
    • 25 Mayo
    • 15 Junio

Es posible cambiar algunas fechas segun la disponibilidad de las participantes.

Sesión 1

Nos conocemos, definimos los objetivos personales, analysis de ‘salud financiera’ de cada participante

Sesión 2

Planificación financiera y activos de inversión

Sesión 3

Inversión en mercado de valores – 1

Sesión 4

Inversión en mercado de valores 2

Sesión 5

Mercado inmobiliario y otros

Sesión 6

Mi plan de accion y progreso personal

investment accelerator

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