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Liuska de Lima

How to connect and communicate in an intercultural workplace

This mentoring program intends to raise awareness of how culture can affect the way people communicate in the workplace, as well as empower participants to develop intercultural business communication skills to interact respectfully and constructively in an intercultural environment.

If you work in an international environment, if you manage a team with people from different countries, if your boss is a foreigner or if you are simply curious about other cultures, then this mentoring program is for you!

Together we will raise our awareness of how culture plays a role in the way people communicate, as well as learn ways to identify cultural differences and how to navigate them in the workplace.

We will work with 

  • Readings and case studies
  • Videos
  • Group discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Real-life experiences

Sessions will be held in English, however it is also possible to conduct the sessions in Spanish, if this is preferable.

Modalidad: Online (Google Meet)

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Liuska de Lima
Corporate & Digital Communications | Corporate Trainer, Mentor & Coach | Project Management | IE Master’s in Corporate and Marketing Communications (PT) | Open to Volunteering

Liuska de Lima

Originally from Brazil, Liuska has lived and worked abroad in the Americas, Europe and Africa for the past 18 years. Before moving to Madrid in 2021 and starting an IE masters in Corporate and Marketing Communications, She spent most of her career in senior roles in operations, continuous improvement and project management in FTSE 500 companies, such as Shell, Halliburton and Thomson Reuters.

In parallel, She has acted as a corporate trainer, mentor, and coach, as well as founded and led the Women@ThomsonReuters network in Poland. Also, She was a member of Shell’s diversity and inclusion Network and a mental health ambassador.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Derby (UK), an MBA in International Business from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Brazil) and a Lead Trainer and Coach certification from Shell. Nowadays, she is  a member of PWN and she volunteers as a community manager and mentor for the IE Alumni Women’s Network.

She is excited to be part of this network and share with you a little bit of the flavours from all the countries she has worked and lived in.


Fechas, horarios y contenido

Horario y fechas:

Day and time: Tuesdays at 18:00 for 1h or 1,5h depending on the size of the group

  • Session 1: 28/03
  • Session 2: 11/04
  • Session 3: 18/04
  • Session 4: 25/04
  • Session 5: 09/05
  • Session 6: 23/05
  • Session 7: 30/05
Sesión 1

Getting to know each other and our cultural backgrounds

In the first session, we will introduce ourselves and our cultural backgrounds, get an overview of the program and set expectations (mentor-mentees agreement).

Sesión 2

The importance of cultural awareness

In this session, we will talk about the 4 stages of cultural awareness, assess in which stage each one of us is at and how we can improve our own awareness.

Sesión 3

What does your bias say about you?

In this session, we will explore how unconscious bias impact connection and examine our own possible bias.

Sesión 4

Identifying cultural differences

In this session, we will discover different ways we can identify and understand the impact of culture differences in the workplace.

Sesión 5

Navigating cultural differences in the workplace 1

In sessions 5 and 6, we will discuss a model to improve intercultural collaboration and how we could be using this model at work.

Sesión 6

Navigating cultural differences in the workplace 2

In sessions 5 and 6, we will discuss a model to improve intercultural collaboration and how we could be using this model at work.

Sesión 7

Gastro-cultural experience

To close our mentoring program, I propose a gastro-cultural experience. The group will meet for lunch or dinner at a restaurant chosen by me at a day and time to be agreed with the group.


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